Lima syncs the files on all your devices and stores them securely at home. When you take a picture on your phone, it is automatically available on your tablet and computer.

When your sister’s best friend from high school digital art class happens to live in Paris and then happens to contact you about a project with a French tech firm…you say, "oui." And then you get excited about being only one degree of separation away from lots of baguettes. And wine.

We knew doing collaborative creative work with an ocean in between would be a challenge. But that didn’t dissuade us or Lima from giving it a shot. Through Skype, WhatsApp, and email we pitched ideas, shared mood boards, planned, conversed, and in general shored up the age old alliance between our two countries. We were their eyes, ears, and minds on the ground in LA and they were the command center of design, concepts and message in Paris. We jumped in the wintry cold Pacific to shoot tests of surfers and climbed up dusty bronze boulders in Joshua Tree to find the right vistas. We found ourselves in downtown lofts, Noho tea shops and lots of places in between. The result was four videos that showed viewers how convenient life is with Lima.

Woodwalk was the perfect team since they are very creative and at the same time professional as project leaders (they make sure everything is in line with your expectations). They understood very quickly what we were looking for. At the end, the result was in line with what was written before the shoot. You can really trust them and be sure they will do their best to deliver the video you’re dreaming of.
— Amandine Guyot, CMO at Lima
cactus-joshua tree-lima-nature-woodwalk
will anderson-david gwynn-behind the scenes-teapop-los angeles-woodwalk
david gwynn-behind the scenes-lima-teapop-los angeles-woodwalk
will anderson-david gwynn-behind the scenes-teapop-los angeles-woodwalk
will anderson-david gwynn-behind the scenes-teapop-los angeles-woodwalk

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Kendall Rock