Prego knows that communities are made with meals. With the power to comfort and connect people, meals are the heartbeat of families, old and new.

"Haha! Oh my gosh, I totally thought you'd be old white guys in your 40’s" This was said with a wry smile by one of the high school senior cast members we drove to San Diego to meet in person. We laughed, were relieved, and got to work.

When Anomaly approached us about doing a commercial for Prego involving first generation college students - we jumped at the chance; intrigued at the prospect of learning their stories, and hopeful our non-40’nes would help us earn a close rapport with the high school seniors. What followed was a dive into the experiences of four high school graduates as they reckoned with their ambitions for the future, the sacrifices of their parents, and their place in the world.   

The focus for us, Anomaly and Prego was connection and authenticity. The goal: provide a big family-style meal for first-generation college students to connect over shared ambitions, anxieties, and excitement as they experience what it's like to be the first to leave home and enter the college world. We didn't want to bring a bunch of students together simply to create a film-able moment, but to actually dig into their lives and form connections; to really find out what they are going through and provide an environment where, cameras aside, bonding could happen.

We were humbled and inspired by the drive and grit of the students and hope the work represents their stories even in a small way.    

Woodwalk Prego commercial behind the scenes

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Brandon Hook