We all get deliveries from Amazon, but we rarely meet the faces who bring them to us. Riding in the passenger’s seat of a delivery van for an entire day, Woodwalk’s team connected with Tesya, one of Amazon’s top delivery drivers in Seattle, to learn about Key by Amazon.

Now that we have an office in Seattle, Amazon is difficult to ignore. Never more so than when we realized we could get a delivery in under 30 minutes in the city…tell that to someone 10 years ago. Key by Amazon is what many would say is the future of delivery. The concept is simple: Key by Amazon provides a safer way for you to receive your package. Top Amazon drivers are carefully selected and trusted to deliver packages in your home, in your garage or in your car. The idea of this video was to follow around real Amazon delivery drivers and have them explain what it is the new service is like. This fit perfectly into our M.O. of connecting with real people and having them be themselves on camera, so we excitedly put on our absurdly large and ungainly camera rigs and piled into passenger seats. We worked with a wonderful (and hilarious) woman named Tesya who was featured in the shoot and had a great time riding around, delivering packages inside people’s homes.

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behind-the-scenes photos taken by Brady Lawrence