With state-of-the-art treatments for early and advanced stage diseases, Duke’s Breast Oncology Program is one of the best in the world. They offer a complete range of service from diagnostics to genetic and prevention counseling.

There’s Athens vs. Sparta, Gates vs. Jobs, and if you're from North Carolina, the hallowed rivalry is between UNC and Duke. Which is all to say that when Will, a Chapel Hill native and diehard Tar Heel fan, got wind of the Duke project, he swallowed his pride and cavorted with the enemy.  

It was a great privilege to work so closely with Lori and her family as she underwent breast cancer treatment; and to have her be so collaborative with the process - insisting on transparency and rawness. Duke was unbelievably supportive of the process, trusting the story to unfold and opening the right doors.

It was so important for us to be able to see into their lives and not just have a caricature of what a breast cancer patient is or is not. We wanted to show the joy and sadness that accompanies such a difficult journey. And further, to make that journey accessible to everyone - cancer means wigs and tears but it also means joking and soccer in the front yard. 

Breast cancer patient Lori Elliott and family posing for photo in Raleigh North Carolina
Breast cancer patient Lori Elliott smiles while trying wig on at Duke Cancer Institute
Beautiful old oak trees engulf Duke University's campus quad in Durham, North Carolina
Duke Cancer Institute entrance in Durham North Carolina
Breast cancer patient Lori Elliott undergoes a CAT scan treatment.
Woodwalk followed Lori and her family on their cancer journey, capturing the raw emotions associated with such a diagnosis. The short video is beautifully done. I recommend Woodwalk to any organization wishing to tell a moving story of triumph over tragedy.
— Karen E. Butler, Director of Communications, Duke Cancer Institute
breast cancer patient Lori Elliott plays with kids in yard
busy Duke Hospital robotic surgery operating room in Durham, North Carolina
breast cancer patient Lori Elliott doing chemo at Duke Cancer Institute with husband
Woodwalk David Gwynn shares video with kids