Bank of America knows that certain businesses serve a deeper, more integral part in their communities. In this case, it’s a family of immigrants who brought their home country with them to America.    

We worked with Bank of America to highlight a very special chain of family-run bakeries in Los Angeles called Porto’s. The founders fled from Cuba in the 1960’s and have gone on to establish what Yelp has deemed the #1 place to eat in the U.S. We holed up in one of the bakeries, listened to the families' stories and pored through their old photographs, trying to figure out who they really are and what they stand for. The result is a story as old as America itself, one of hard work, honesty, and love.

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Will Anderson Woodwalk Porto's Bank of America
David Gwynn Woodwalk Bank of America Porto's

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Ginger Q