Daymaker is a company that enables children who are having birthday parties to donate meaningful gifts to other children who normally go without.

David had just met Zack Newbauer; they were chatting and munching on breakfast burritos with mutual friends. Zack explained his role at Daymaker and David talked about his passion for documentary style video projects. It felt like when you press a puzzle piece into its right place with that accompanying silent crease of fittingness.

We followed two boys, Lucas and Omar, as both celebrated their birthdays. The Daymaker team worked with the non-profit Volunteers of America to help Lucas select Omar as his birthday buddy.  The day began as they woke up and went about turning a year older. Duck Duck Goose, bouncy castles, sleepy wake-ups, blowing out candles - we wanted to find the little parts of the day that helped show who these boys really are. 

We spoke at length with Lucas’s mom Fiona about how important it is to her to be able to show her kids how to give back to those less fortunate, and to do so in a way that they can actually understand and relate to.

Birthdays that Gift Back

"Today will be his first real birthday." — Omar's Grandmother

Posted by CommuniGift on Monday, January 18, 2016
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In our earliest of days as a company, we needed to show people for the first time who we were, and Woodwalk did an exceptional job doing just that. The video was shared organically at a higher rate than we could have ever expected and this led to tons of new users. More than anything, Woodwalk cared deeply. They cared about the stories featured in the video in a very real way and he cared that we as a company saw ourselves in the final product. It was an absolute pleasure working with Woodwalk and we plan to work with their team for years to come.
— Thomas Doochin, CEO of Daymaker
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