Norway– that Scandinavian exemplar of stunning nature, high per-capita income, and cozy sweaters. We worked with ‘A Big Idea Group’ out of North Carolina to create videos of a fashion show they developed for Norwegian airline and Visit Norway.

To promote Norway and its culture they had a Norwegian fashion designer, Veronica B Vallenes, create 19 outfits based on Nordic themes to be modeled at a show during LA Fashion week.

Norwegian Woodwalk LA Fashion Week eyes
NOR Fashion Show LA Fashion Week Woodwalk
Woodwalk directing at LA Fashion Week for NOR
LA Fashion Week Woodwalk model
NOR Runway Norwegian Air Woodwalk
LA Fashion Week makeup model Woodwalk
NOR runway model LA Fashion Week Woodwalk
David Gwynn director at Woodwalk at LA Fashion Week Norwegian
Will Anderson-Beck directs for Woodwalk and Norwegian at LA Fashion Week 2018
Woodwalk David Gwynn and Will Anderson-Beck directors at LA Fashion Week Norwegian

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Doulos Kun