SWAP Socks makes mismatched socks to catch peoples' attention and raise awareness for visual impairment worldwide.  They work with the Seva foundation to fund eye care projects that provide sight-restoring care for people around the globe.

Working with a cool, forward-thinking start-up in our home state? No hesitation. The SWAP team was looking for a video that introduced themselves, their product and their cause. We immediately jumped on this project and began pacing our neighborhood’s maze-like streets to come up with ideas. We were fixated on the mismatched idea and chose to mismatch all of our frames to reflect the contrasts inherit in their socks and their business.

The North Carolina weather was gracious enough to greet us with a hurricane that hit the day we arrived. Despite its best efforts to dampen the shoot, it went off without a hitch- so we'd like to now credit Hurricane Joaquin as a co-producer.

We interacted with workers and machines on the factory floor, huddled under umbrellas at a high school lacrosse practice, and stole a bridal party for a quick cameo during their wedding. A scavenger hunt of sorts, this project had lots of disparate elements that needed to be prepped for, and we were thrilled to do it alongside young entrepreneurs working toward a worthy cause.

bold move cotton swap socks
The Woodwalk team has skill sets that complement each other very well. There’s a high level of chemistry amongst the team that allows them to produce in a highly efficient and synergistic manner.
— Roger Nahum, Founder of SWAP Socks
Colorful spools of fabric hanging on wall
kamada swap socks
Will Anderson and David Gwynn film commercial on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill North Carolina
Roger Nahum Match Du Toit Cole Page collaborate on SWAP Socks in Chapel Hill
Woodwalk works on sock commercial in Chapel Hill North Carolina
Will Anderson walks through sock factory during Woodwalk commercial in High Point
colorful SWAP socks arranged for Woodwalk commercial
David Gwynn discusses shots with SWAP sock owners during commercial shoot in Chapel Hill
Will Anderson smiles while shooting SWAP socks commercial in Chapel Hill
Woodwalk sets up a shot for SWAP Sock commercial in Chapel Hill

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Match Du Toit