Prizm is a music device that plugs into any speakers and chooses music based on who is in the room and what the mood is. Which sounds crazy, and it is...but also awesome.

It’s always fun to have people perk up when you tell them about a new idea or product and Prizm drew exactly that response. After already collaborating with another French company, Lima, we were confident that we had the French - American teamwork down pat. We began collaborating across the pond vis Skype, WhatsApp, and email, trading images, ideas, and the like to get the ball rolling. They worked around the clock to get the prototypes finished while we scoured LA for the right concept, cast, and location. We also got first hand experience, though slobbery, of working with a dog actor - a canine thespian - which was one part chaotic, two parts wonderful. We set out to make this piece feel real and authentic, so beyond the minutia of tripods and talent releases we still needed that unique chemical!  To do this we employed our friends as cooks, art directors, dog wranglers, and actors; actually making the set a big boisterous dinner party.

The final commercial will soon be released by Prizm; though we can’t premiere it before they do we have included some still shots from the piece as well as photos from the set. 

dog-actor-los angeles-prizm-kitchen-woodwalk
Alexandra Rodriguez-Hunter-Garner-actors-los angeles-prizm-kitchen-cute-couple-woodwalk
Alexandra Rodriguez-Hunter-Garner-actors-los angeles-prizm-kitchen-cute-couple-woodwalk
Alexandra Rodriguez-actor-los angeles-prizm-living room-paige geffen-interior design-homepolish-woodwalk
It is not easy to work thousands of miles away from each other but the rigor and patience of Woodwalk made it possible to achieve a film which we are really proud of. They drew authentic performances from the actors, which is exactly what we wanted for the Prizm film. Their sense of aesthetic magnified our product and integrated it into a coherent visual universe with our brand. We’d love to work with them again and meet one day around a drink. Cheers.
— Pierre Verdu, Co-Founder of Prizm
actors-los angeles-prizm-yard-fun-woodwalk
los angeles-food-steak-dinner-meal-prizm-commercial-woodwalk
Alexandra Rodriguez-laugh-los-angeles-dinner-friends-prizm-commercial-woodwalk
prizm-commercial-product-dinner-friends-party-los angeles-music-woodwalk

behind-the-scenes photos taken by Bia Jurema